Life... goes on

             Ohh life! Recently I feel that I have been doing everything but not actually doing anything. Strange I know, but I guess my husband and I are finally settling into a routine and I'm realizing how much I have to do alone. When we were living at Fort Leonard Wood we were living in a one bedroom furnished apartment with limited clothes because most of our stuff was being shipped to Germany. Being a "house wife" was super easy! A few loads of laundry, a tiny bathroom and small kitchen to clean, not much work. We now live in a 3 story house with a large living room, 3 bedrooms, an ALL tiled bathroom, meaning I can't let it get dirty because there is no way I want to clean grout in the entire bathroom and for some reason tons more laundry and dishes. Oh and the entire house is hardwood floor so I'm constantly sweeping! I don't know how the loads of laundry and dishes increased. I know we finally got all our stuff but it's not like I wear more clothes here. If anything I wear less because I still don't have a car and I hardly leave the house!! I guess I'm finally realizing what it's like to be an adult? ha and I'm sure my Mom is laughing through all of this! Yes Mom, I'm growing up!! But I feel like I have so much do to and the house is never the way I want it! I'm the one putting new furniture together, washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, sweeping all the time, watering the plants, making the bed, making sure our towels are clean, folding clothes (mostly because my husband folds clothes weird), calling car dealers, grocery shopping, paying bills at the bank on post, buying my husband a new mouse for his computer.... and the list continues!! Goodness where did all this come from. There are only 2 of us! Who knew it would be so much work! But thankfully I have a husband who always tells me he appreciates what I do at home. I just have to remind him from time to time that I do have a job, I just don't get paid :) I'm just ready to get our house set up the way I want it. We have a broken couch from the move sitting in the living room and it's driving me crazy! But of course I can't get rid of it until the claims process is over. I also have a giant box sitting in the living room from our new coffee table but I can't take it to recycling center because I don't have a car! Oh the things that drive me insane and of course it's invisible to my husband. If I told him I wanted to get rid of the giant box he'd probably say "what box? what's it from?" haha Let's just say I am more than ready to have a car and for this claims process to be done! I'm ready to have a presentable house for our friends to see! And I know this post isn't anything about traveling... but it's part of being an Army wife... or any wife for that matter. I now appreciate the little things my Mom always did and I also get why she made me do my own laundry starting at like 8 years old!