Castle Adventures

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

        This past weekend was a 4 day weekend. Typically my husband and I would try to travel somewhere farther away but unfortunately something went wrong with his car and we decided to stay home to save money to get it fixed…  Ugh, the joys of being an adult. Anyway, that doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything! We were itching to get out of the house but the weather was not cooperating. It just won’t stop snowing! Friday we deiced to drive to Rothenburg since the weather said partly sunny… uhh not! It was definitely snowing the entire time. So we toughed it out and ventured around the city and wow, what charm! I loved Rothenburg, I just wish we had blue skies! Since it is during the winter months a lot of the stores were closed so we can’t wait to go back when it’s warm! Heck, we can’t wait until the sun exists again!
Rothenburg ob der Tauber
          Saturday and Sunday were lazy days… sitting around the house staring at the rain/snow. Ugh, does it ever stop?? Well Monday comes around and it’s finally NOT snowing, still no sun but we have to take the good with the bad I guess. We had recently done some research on castle ruins near us. We found one in Friedenfels, north of Weiden. After running a few errands around town we drove to Friedenfels. As we’re following our Google maps on our phone we finally get to the destination… a field. Uhh isn’t there supposed to be a castle here?  We were so confused. We’d seen pictures of the castle before and definitely didn’t see it anywhere close by. Then we notice waaaay off in the distance a random square like structure in the middle of a bunch of trees. Could that be it? Well we drove in the general direction hoping we’d find it.
Burg Weissenstein
         Finally 8 kilometers down the road we see signs for Burg Weissenstein! That’s it, we found it!! (This castle is technically in Friedenfels even though you have to leave the town to get to it) We parked and began walking to the castle. It was 1.5 kilometer walk but a beautiful one! I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the summer because not only was this the way to the castle but multiple hiking and mountain biking trails! We finally get there and what an awesome structure! A castle built into and on top of giant granite rocks! My husband and I love to visit all castles but we really enjoy castle ruins! I don’t know why, there aren’t even all there. Burg Weissenstein has stairs that get you to the very top! They were not the most reassuring stairs… especially since they were covered in snow and ice but we made it to the top.

          Burg Weissenstein is very similar to Flossenbürg castle ruins. Both build into and on top of giant granite rocks.  We visited Flossenbürg back in September and loved it! It is kind of like a grown mans playground! You can climb on a lot of the rocks, which my husband really enjoyed! If exploring castle ruins is something you enjoy I would definitely recommend both of these places! But remember if you go during the winter the stairs will be covered in snow and ice and may not be very safe!