Card Making Deployment

     Wow, it's been over 5 weeks since I've posted anything! I guess that's what happens when your husband goes away for pre-deployment training and I hardly leave the house! I've got nothing to write about, haha.

     Well today we're finally leaving. It's a 4 day weekend so typically we'd be going somewhere farther from home, but today we're going just down the road to N├╝rnberg to meet a friend of my husbands from high school who is stationed at Heidelburg. Since my husband spent a couple weeks in the field he wanted to be lazy and relax this weekend so it's just a day trip for us. We are also saving some money to do a big trip for our pre-deployment leave trip, Croatia! We're also going to Belgium the second weekend of April. I'll be sure to have some great things to write about once those trips are over! I can't wait to go to Croatia, although when we get there that means the deployment is that much closer :(

     Anyway, since he will be deploying soon I've decided I need a hobby to keep myself busy while he's gone. I don't have a job right now due to the hiring freeze so I've decided I'm going to make handmade cards and sell them on Etsy. I'm a little nervous to jump into this. Making sure I have enough supplies, pricing items, dealing with customers and custom orders. But I figure I might as well jump in and hope for the best. If it doesn't work out then I'll have a lot of friends and family getting handmade cards for every occasion throughout the year! I also love to craft, right now I'm working on a scrapbook that has several pages of each trip we've taken. So if this home business through Etsy doesn't work out I won't feel like I've lot any time, I've only gained time at my craft table and bettering myself with my hobby!

     Since this will be my first deployment I'm really hoping I can stay busy, especially since I'll be so far away from family. If you've been through a deployment what have you done to stay busy? Have any hobbies you loved to do while the spouse was gone? Also, feedback on my cards would be great! I want to be sure I produce quality, worthy of selling products!