Lichtenstein Castle

      My parents were just here for a 10 day visit. I got to explore/visit all new places with them, one of them being this awesome castle. The first thing you should know about the Lichtenstein Castle or Schloss Lichtenstein is that it’s in Germany!! It is NOT in the country Liechtenstein. If you Google Lichtenstein Castle you will often find information stating that it’s in the country of Liechtenstein, that is not true. This castle is in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, the state directly west of Bavaria. From the Vilseck area it took just over 3 hours to drive there. If you’re near Stuttgart, lucky you, it’s just under an hour away. This is a smaller castle but one that’s definitely worth seeing. It definitely has that typical “castle” look. You can tour the inside of the castle and they DO offer English tours (the tour takes 30 minutes). The day we went they apparently were not offering the English tour. I did not see on their website that it was on certain days so you may want to call ahead if you want to be sure to have en English speaking tour guide. Even though we didn’t do the English tour they did provide a printed translation. We also got lucky to have a tour guide who spoke English and did re-explain some things in English for us. We were also able to ask him questions. Taking pictures inside the castle was not allowed so I don’t have any of the inside but it’s definitely a beautiful work of art. You can see some photos of the inside on their website here.
     The drive to the castle was pretty easy, we just followed Google maps on my phone. There is a large parking lot at the bottom of the hill, we had to pay 2 euro to park. If you do the tour it costs 6 euro per person and 3 euro for children. Their website has great information provided so be sure to check it out, it does have an English option!