Let's go back a little and talk about our arrival to Germany. I'll try to catch some of you up quickly! June 25, 2012 was our flight! A long and boring 7 hour flight and next thing I knew we were in Germany! My first time ever out of the country, besides Jamaica for a week for our honeymoon. But It's beautiful here! There really are no words to describe how amazing and unique it is! So the first 16 days in Germany we were living on post in the hotel, without a car. We did not get to experience much but that's okay, we were trying to figure out how to get a cell phone, looking for a house... and well that's about it. We finally found a house and our HHG (household goods) were delivered on July 12th. Oh and we already had our car which arrived 2 days prior and oh man was it a glorious day! So we moved into our house, unpacked and went right into traveling... sort of. We didn't have internet yet so it was really hard to research where we wanted to go and how to get there! So while my husband was at work he used the internet to find places to go and we planned a trip to Prague/Praha, Czech Republic... And for some crazy reason there are 2 names for the same place. We got back from Prague and a day later, 5 WEEKS after arriving we got internet!!!! Since then we've explored cities around us, Weiden, Amberg, Wernberg-Koblitz, and made a day trip to Nuremberg and Ingolstadt. I will share pictures once I figure out how to do that!