Where should we go...

        So before my husband and I got to Germany we had already agreed that we would try to travel as much as possible! We want to make the most out of living in Germany. There are too many spouses or families that spend 3 years here and next thing they know they are PCSing back to the states and realized they didn't get to experience much. We are lucky enough for this to be our first duty station and we're still young and at the beginning of our marriage. We don't have any kids or pets so that allows us to pretty much go where ever we want whenever we have the time. Yes it can get a little expensive traveling but you have to look at all your options. We always check out how much it would cost to drive, to take the train, or possibly fly somewhere. We also really try to limit how much we go out to eat. It's so easy, since I wouldn't have to cook, but it's also tempting because the food is so good! We have started planning out our meals, via Pinterest of course, and buy only what we need. We're trying our best to save money so we can use more for traveling.

      So how do we plan where to go? We look at a map and say "that looks cool, lets go!" haha not quite... but everyone has heard of those "must see European destinations" so that's what we plan to do. We are perfectly okay with going to all the touristy attractions 1. because they usually have a lot to do 2. They have lots of maps and easy ways to get around and 3. They are more likely to speak English!! It's a wonderful day when you find someone who speaks English, even if it's broken, I'll take it! So we're also lucky enough to get a 4 day weekend every month (thank you Army) which allows us to take trips that are farther away. So for this upcoming weekend, which happens to be a 4 day, we originally talked about going to London! Awesome right?? Well we decided we wanted a little more time there so it looks like that might be a Christmas trip!! But back to this weekend, I think we're gonna go to Salzberg, Austria! That is somewhere I never thought I'd go!! Not exactly sure what we're going to do yet, possibly a concert since you know, my husband and I are band nerds :) But I'm excited for another trip and to see another country!