On the go!

         We have been on the go pretty much nonstop since we got our car. We want to make the most out of our time here so we try to plan even just a day trip somewhere every weekend. This weekend is the first weekend we decided to do nothing! And we have absolutely enjoyed it! We've been looking for a car and I think we're a little overwhelmed. We were supposed to go look at some yesterday but when I called the different dealers they couldn't tell me their hours because they don't speak English. This worries me a little, if they can't even tell me when they are open how are we going to manage paper work of buying a car? So hubby and I decided to sleep in, sit around, and do nothing. We had some friends invite us over for an "appetizer dinner" which turned out to be a great time! The guys sat on the back porch and played poker while the girls sat inside away from the cigar smoke and talked. And we met another couple that lives about 5 minutes from us! We didn't think any Americans lived close to us!
             Changing the subject a little, I don't think I've mentioned that I love to cook! I am addicted to Pinterest and I can't remember the last time I made a meal or dessert that wasn't from something I "pinned." So last night I made a pumpkin pound cake and cheddar garlic biscuits just like the ones from Red Lobster! They were both delicious but those biscuits where a big hit! They were very close to the Red Lobster ones so it was a little like home!! The down side to cooking/baking all the time is the dishes. I hate cleaning dishes! I wish I could have a dish cleaner around when I'm cooking. So when I'm done with a mixing bowl I just hand it over and someone else cleans it! I mean, I'll even dry it and put it away. I just don't want to clean it! haha. And I'm sure my mom is laughing going "yeah, if only!" When my husband walked into the kitchen this morning he said it looked like Martha Stewart had a seizure in there! I'll get around to it eventually! Let's just hope no one stops by today!
            So for today we're doing some laundry and I'm trying to convince my husband to help me clean! I feel like our house isn't set up the way I want it. Partly because our movers broke a lot of furniture such as our DVD rack so all of our DVD's are sitting in a box. And our office desk was broken so everything that goes in the desk is just sitting on the floor. It bothers me WAY more than it bothers him, but he's also not at home all day looking at it! If only we could have an infinite amount of money and I could buy all new stuff! But weather or not we accomplish anything today I do know that we'll go on a bike ride! Sunday afternoons are our time to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather here and get a little exercise. We love riding our bikes and enjoy finding new trails every weekend. So if we get nothing done today we will at least leave the house and get some fresh air!

Here is a picture of the yummy pumpkin pound cake!