Spouse Spur Ride

          So my husband is in the 2CR or Second Calvary Regiment here at Vilseck which also happens to be the oldest active serving regiment in the US Army! Because they are cavalry they can wear stetsons and spurs after they earn them. To earn spurs they have to go on a spur ride which usually has different events for them to complete. Well today it was the spouses turn! Starting at 09:00 all the spouses showed up in their husbands ACU pants and began the spur ride. Of course we had to start out with a little history at the regimental museum and singing the regimental song. We then started marching with ruck sacks to cadences to the PT field and of course getting lots of looks from other soldiers walking around wondering why there were so many females marching out of step and yelling cadences in girly voices. Once we got to the field our first task was to do a PT test. It was shortened from the normal version the soldiers typically do. We had 1 minute to do push ups, 1 minute for situps then did a 1 mile run. Unfortunately my husband is super skinny and I had to squeeze into his ACU pants. I was not a fan of this! They were very uncomfortable to run in! I also had to loosen the belt to do sit ups because they were so tight!! I need to feed him more! So after we completed the PT test, which I feel I did pretty well one considering I haven't worked out in a while, we marched to another field to do a hand grenade toss and IMT (individual movement techniques) which included low and high crawling with our weapons. I'd rather not do that again, it a lot harder than it looks and who really wants their face in the dirt? hah. So after we finished that we had a 1.5 mile ruck march which I can proudly say I came in first :) My husband said it was too easy for me. And the last thing was an obstacle course that started with high crawling in the mud then a bear crawl, monkey bars, hurdle type thing, carrying sand bags into a "body sled" and then pulling it to the finish line. Overall it was a great time. There were obviously some who took it more seriously than others, me being one of them. Put me in a competitive situation and I want to do my best! But we all had fun, got a little dirty, I even bled a little and got to finish it off with a MRE!