Oktoberfest round zwei

            Sooo hubs and I went back to München today to try Oktoberfest one more time. Last week we got rained out and were miserably cold. So yesterday afternoon we checked the weather to make sure it was going to be a nice day. 15% chance of rain and cloudy so we went ahead and bought train tickets. We get on the train this morning at 5:20am and after taking a little nap I wake up and realize it's raining. I look at the weather again and it's gone up to an 85% chance of rain!! Are you kidding me?? So right then we decided that if we couldn't get into a tent and it started raining we were going to leave. We did not want a repeat of last weekend. 

         Last weekend it didn't seem very crowded and there were a lot of Americans around. Well today it was the opposite! The train was packed and there were large groups carrying racks of beers! A rack holds 20 beers! There were Germans in the train station at 5:00am already drinking and of course they were all in there dirndl and lederhosen. We decided to be more comfortable and wear normal clothes this time. We get to München and it's already packed! We walk to the Oktoberfest grounds and realize that people have been standing in lines to get into tents for hours already. They must get there around 4:00 in the morning! We walk around trying to find the best tent to get into line. While doing so we already see a lot of drunk people and one girl already passed out. This weekend seemed to be the "young crowd" weekend and there was a lot more drinking going on! We finally get into a line and decided we'll just see what happens. The line is moving pretty quick so we're thinking we're going to get into the tent! well come to find out it was the line to get into the biergarden but everyone thought it was to get into the actual tent. We tried to get in and the security kept pushing everyone away. We finally decided to sit down, get a beer and pretzel. Where we were sitting we noticed a security guy letting people in the tent. So we jumped in line and thought we'd try it too! Next thing we know we're in a tent!! It was crazy! So crowded and full of drunk people!! haha Unfortunately the band was not playing yet and we couldn't find a seat. We just stood around and observed the craziness! It definitely makes us want to reserve a table for next time so we can sit and enjoy the food, beer and music! 

         We decided to leave the tent and be complete tourists and buy a beer stein. We got one that says Oktoberfest 2012. Once we got out of the tent we realized just how crowded it was. It was definitely had to navigate through the crowd with just 2 of us. I can only imagine if you have a large group! So we can finally say we got into a beer tent and bought a stein. We have be satisfied with Oktoberfest for now! And it was a good time to leave because it was raining harder.