What to do...

          Hmm what to do, what do to... Well we haven't done much recently. We had the years first snow yesterday and it makes me want to sit inside and do nothing but bake and make unhealthy fatty delicious food. My husband was in the field for the past 2 weeks so I cleaned, did a little more decorating, and hung out with some lovely wives. He goes back to the field this coming weekend for a few more nights. I know the Army has to do training but we have places to go, things to do!! haha. Well not really, especially in this cold weather! I need to get used to traveling in the winter now! We went to the commissary yesterday in the snow and I was freezing! How am I going to travel and do tourist things when I'm freezing?? I guess we'll find out soon enough. Especially with my parents coming to visit very soon!
Our first snow! We got more later in the day.

        My parents will fly in at the end of November and stay for 8 days. We are very excited to visit all the Christmas markets since they will all be opening right when they arrive. But I have a feeling it could be snowing, so going out and traveling could be a small challenge. We originally thought about going to Neuschwanstein Castle but since it's in the Alps I'm worried the road conditions would be too bad. They are also doing renovations on the castle and there is scaffolding up around it. We have decided that we'll put that off for their next visit maybe in the Spring time. 
My parents :) Ready for them to visit!!

           I also can't believe it's almost November. I feel like it was just September!! November is also our anniversary month and my birthday month! Unfortunately the hubs will be in the field for our first anniversary :(  Yes, yes I know... welcome to the Army. I know he'll miss many more anniversaries and birthdays and other special days but that doesn't mean I don't want him here for our first anniversary. Oh well, nothing I can do about it. So when he does get back we're going to celebrate the following weekend. We are planning on going to a spa hotel down in the Black Forest. We will enjoy 2 nights with some delicious food and of course a massage! Crazy to look at all the things we've done in just the first year of marriage. We lived in North Carolina for 3 months, moved to Missouri to Fort Leonard Wood for 4 months, traveled to visit all our family before flying to Germany. We've now lived in Germany for 4 months and have visited 4 different countries! I am very excited to see what the next year has in store for us!
Our Wedding Day - November, 5th 2011