Travel Quick Tips

       Happy 1st of November! This month USAREUR (U.S. Army Europe) has two 4-day weekends! November 9th-12th for Veterans Day and 22nd-25th for Thanksgiving. These 4-day weekends are great for traveling somewhere a little farther from home. Often times while traveling you learn something you wish you had already known. Here are a few travel quick tips that I came up with to ease those "shoulda, coulda, woulda" moments.
  • Bring an umbrella when you travel especially starting in October through spring time! A lot of places in Europe get a lot of rain!
  • Call your bank if you are headed to a different country. If you use a credit card in a different country you could have your card locked. They will most likely think someone stole the card number and send you a fraud alert.
  • Buy a public transportation pass for the duration of your trip. Learn the metro, bus and tram schedule. They will come in handy!
  • Most big cities have a “city card” that is a one time fee but will get you into multiple museums, parks, castles or palaces for free. Most hotels will sell them. If not, find an information location.
  • Bring medicine with you! If you are in a different country the drug stores have everything written in a different language. It’s very difficult to find what you need. Dayquil, Nyquil, Motrin/Tylenol , Benadryl and Pepto Bismol should be on hand! Some things are not available over the counter. You never know, you could eat something new and be allergic! 
  • Be aware of theft! Pick pocketing is big in Europe! Keep your belongings close by!
  • If you drive to a different country make sure you have your international driver’s license.
  • When entering a new country (driving) look to see if you need a vignette. This is a sticker you have to purchase to drive on their “highways.” It’s their way of making you pay their tax.
  • Always have your tourist passport with you when traveling outside the country. You don’t usually have to stop at the border to show it but some stores want to see it when you purchase things.
  • Need to know where Esso stations are? If you have a smart phone you can download the Esso station app that will show you locations and hours of operation. 
  • Staying in a hotel? Ask for brochures or coupons! You can often get a few euros off an entry fee. 
  • Be sure to get a map from your hotel. A lot of them have maps that have a nice big star pointing out their location. 
  • Bring your own wash cloth!!!!! European hotels do not provide them!
  • All ATM’s have an English option. Be sure to get out cash, a lot of places will not accept debit or credit cards!
  • Not sure how much 1,000 Swedish Krona is worth? Download ConvertPad app to help with currency conversion.
  • Never get in an unmarked taxi. Always make sure it has a meter!
  • Be aware that stores close early on Sunday. But this is generally determined by location. Large cities with a lot of tourists such as Prague and Amsterdam will stay open later.