One year ago

One year ago today I married my best friend! On November 5, 2011 at 4:00pm I officially became an Army wife! We had been together for over 4 years by the time we got married. He was in ROTC so I was already familiar with military terms, rules, regulations and the life style (and my sister is an Army wife too so I had some ideas how it would be) but officially being able to call myself an Army wife was so much fun! Just being called a wife was fun but I got to be one of those special few that get to marry a U.S. soldier! Who needs prince charming when I’ve got a soldier! Haha, kind of cheesy I know but I think it’s so important to be proud of who you marry and I am definitely proud of my husband and his accomplishments. I'm also very proud of him for serving our country and providing our family with an income to live a wonderful life!
This first year of marriage and first year in the Army have been great! We have lived in 3 different places (NC, MO and Germany) and already visited 5 different countries together (Jamaica, Czech Republic, Austria, Sweden and Germany). Who else gets the chance to do all that within the first year of marriage? We are so lucky to have this opportunity and most importantly to be able to do it together! I know years down the road we’ll have so many great stories and memories to share with each other and our family.
I wrote in a previous post that the hubby would be in the field for our first anniversary which I was bummed about. Well lucky me, plans got changed and he doesn’t have to go in the field! So we’ll actually get to spend the day together (well after he gets home from work). We’ll go out to dinner tonight but we’re actually celebrating this weekend at a spa hotel. I can’t wait to get a massage!
Well we’ve got the first year down but have plenty more ahead of us! Let’s hope year 2 is just as good if not better than the first!! Also, all of you at our rehearsal dinner making bets on when babies would come… those who thought it would be in the first year… you lose.