Relaxing, Driving and Exploring

Burg Burghausen Castle
       The 4 day weekend is over... always a sad day, especially for those having to go back to work. But this weekend my husband and I enjoyed a relaxing weekend to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed at a hotel in Bad Griesbach which is east of Munich. We enjoyed being away from the usual and relaxing with not much to do. We enjoyed an aroma bath and massages. Our package included breakfast both mornings and 2 dinners. All the meals were good, just a little different. We definitely expanded our trying of food. We're both pretty picky but we managed to find something that was good to eat. 
         The hotel we stayed at was one of multiple in a community. All these hotels were connected by underground tunnels that led to the thermal bad, or swimming pools. There were 12 different pools and they all had different temperatures or purposes. The best part was the outdoor heated pools! We definitely enjoyed those! This place is also for rehabilitation so we were the youngest ones there... by about 50 years haha. There were a few other young couples but it was definitely a "retirement" hangout ha. 
         Sunday morning was checkout for us so we decided to explore southern Bavaria. We planned to drive down to Berchtesgaden to get some pictures of the beautiful Alps. On our way there we drove through Burghausen and spotted an awesome castle!! We had to stop! Come to find out the Burg Burghausen Castle is the longest castle complex in the world!! What an awesome find this was! We LOVE to do random stops while traveling and best part, it didn't cost us anything! Our entire drive to Berchtesgaden we were paralleling the Austrian boarder. So at this castle, one side is Germany and the other side is Austria. 
In Berchtesgaden - Alps
         We continued our drive to Berchtesgaden and were a little bummed with the weather. It was cloudy and foggy. It took a while before we could even see the mountains because the clouds were so heavy. We got to our location and walked around the tourist area. We knew that just 4 kilometers farther was the Königssee or King Sea. There was a walking path to get to it so we decided to check it out. What a beautiful sight this was!! If it wasn't so cloudy it would have been even better! We took some pictures, enjoyed the sights then headed back to the car. 
        It started to rain a little so it was time to head out. Our way home took us right through Munich at dinner time so we had to stop at the Hofbräuhaus. We have been to Munich twice but had not eaten there yet. Great food, great atmosphere and music! And of course everything is in English!
       Even though the Alps were not a pretty as they could be due to weather, seeing the Burghausen Castle and eating in Munich definitely made up for it! We had a great relaxing weekend together and are still amazed at how beautiful this country is!

Sunset in the Alps