Thanksgiving Weekend

Recreating a photo
           I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed a long weekend! Hubs and I had Thanksgiving with some Army friends. One of which actually went to high school with my husband! It sure is a small world and even smaller in the Army. We drove Thursday afternoon to Weisbaden to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. We stayed the night there then drove to Spangdahlem Friday morning. If you know anything about Spangdahlem you might be wondering "why would you go there?" Well my father-in-law was stationed there from 1999-2002 and my husband was ages 12-15. He attended middle school there and one year of high school at Bitburg. When my husband moved away he figured he'd never go back. Little did he know 12 years later he'd be stationed in Germany. So he really enjoyed being able to go back and visit his old stomping grounds! We drove all around base, looked at his old house in Orenhofen and went to his high school in Bitburg. We also enjoyed a wonderful meal at a restaurant his family enjoyed when they were there. 
          After staying the night at Spangdahlem we got up Saturday morning and drove to Trier. Trier is Germany's oldest city. We honestly were not real impressed with Trier. We also didn't do much research on things to do. We walked around the walking street and did a little shopping. They were in the process of setting up their Christmas Market. There are some old Roman buildings that were cool to see smack in the middle of the city but other than that we were a little bored. We only stayed a little bit then headed to Heildelberg. We met up again with my husbands friend from high school and her boyfriend. We ate dinner together and walked around the Heidelberg Christmas Market. This was our first Christmas Market in Germany! We got our first taste of Gluwein which is a hot spiced wine. To be honest, I was a little disappointed with this Christmas Market. There were no Christmas decorations. No nutcrackers, no German pyramids, no ornaments... but the hot chocolate was good! Oh well, we have plenty more Christmas Markets to go to. One of which will be this weekend in Dresden with my parents! I am so excited!

Roman building in Trier

Heidelberg Christmas Market

Heidelberg Castle behind the Christmas Market